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The old Parish Church of St. Lawrence Chorley Lancashire England.

A photographic record from the year 1905 by Luke Berry.






The old Parish Church of St. Lawrence contains the burial vaults of Standish Family of Duxbury - relatives of Myles Standish of the United States of America and the Charnock Family of Astley Chorley - relatives of Job Charnock of India.




The Standish Family Arms “three standing dishes” are mounted upon the buttress of the Church in the photograph from 1850.























Grave of Myles Standish Duxbury Mass. USA.




Grave of  Job Charnock - St John's Church Calcutta India.




The Standish Pew in the year 1601


Standish Family Arms carved into the Standish Pew in the year 1601.





The CHARNOCK Pew and their descendants the PARKER Family.



The Vestry


1846 - Christmas in the  year 1846 Mr I W R Bromley representative of the Standish family of America sat in the Vestry, to inspect the birth register of the Church of St Laurence and found that the page for 1584 /1585 (the birth date of Myles Standish) had been  erased in part and the top of the page torn off removing the named entries forever. The recorded year 1584 started in April 1584 and ended in March 1585.






The Walls of the old Parish Church of St. Lawrence are adorned with testimonials to departed souls.


1756 - Sir Thomas Standish of Duxbury.



1812 - The last direct line Male of the Norman French "House of Standish".



1840 - The last confession of Frank Hall Standish is inscribed in marble above the alter to support his claim that he did not defraud the descendants of Myles Standish in their claim of ownership to the Duxbury Estates in England.


                                                                                                                                                                         by John Wilson



1845 - Mary Deborah Carr - Standish of Duxbury


1856 - William Standish - Standish of Duxbury



1878 - William Standish Carr - Standish of Duxbury



1898 - The MAYHEW family the last Lords of the Manor of Duxbury



The Reliquary at the side of the alter once held the Head of St Lawrence O'Tool.


1442 - Head of St Lawrence O'Tool.



















                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           by Luke Berry