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Myles Standish one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America

The Standish Monument - United States of America.

Download -  Myles Standish Monument 1871. - PDF File

Video Clip -Myles Standish Monument 2011.





Ed Fisher 1946 – 2012

A tribute to Ed Fisher - Chairman of St. Laurence History Society.

Ed worked tirelessly to uncover and review the papers and deeds of the Standish family.

It was a privilege and pleasure for all members of St. Laurence History Society to work alongside Ed on the Myles Standish project.






1. The Reverend Dr. John Cree Rector of Chorley .

The History of the Parish Church - The Heraldry of the Standish Family of Duxbury.


2. The research of St. Laurence Historical Society.


3. The Research of Helen Moorwood.


4. Myles Standish Book List.

Dowloads - Books from the Myles Standish Book List.

Download -  The Standishes of America. - PDF File



Download -  Homes and Haunts of the Pilgrim Fathers. - PDF File



Download -  Historic Duxbury. - PDF File



5. A Calender of Standish Family Deeds by Helen Moorwood.

 Papers of the Standish family of the Pele Tower and Hall - Duxbury Manor 1300 to 1670.


6.The Standish Families of the Pele Tower and The Burgh -  - upon the Manor of Duxbury Lancashire England .


7. Manor of Duxbury - Myles Standish - Deowuc the Saxon - Deowuc's Burgh.


8.The Parish Register of the Church of St. Laurence - "Wilfully Eroded" said Mr Bromley of the USA in 1847.


9. The Irish Branch of the Standish Family of Duxbury Lancashire - 1540 Christopher Standish to 2008 Standish Mason of Dublin.


10. The Family Tree of Father Benjamin Standish (order of St. Benedict) descendants of the Standish Family of Duxbury.


11. The Research of the Reverend Thomas Cruddas Porteus M.A.


12.The Research of the Reverend Bernard Nightingale M.A.


13.Was Myles Standish a Manxman? by Rev. R. Kissack, M.A., B.D.


14. The Evidence of W.H. Barlett. Author of “The Pilgrim Fathers” – 1853.



Download - The Pilgrim Fathers. - PDF File


15. Author G.V.C Young - Myles Standish - First Manx American.


16. Author Lawrence Hill - Gentlemen of Courage ~ Forward.  The Divorce/The second Son from the House of Standish/The Isle of Man?


17. The White Family of Chorley - Norfolk and the Mayflower.


18. The House of Standish  1066 - 1921.   


19. The deeds and papers of the House of Standish.      


20.  The Ancient Parish of Standish - St. Wilfrid's Church - the Lords and Manors of the Parish.


21. The grave of Myles Standish the research of the Reverend E.J. V. Huginn Duxbury USA 1891.

Download -  The opening of the grave of Myles Standish  1891. - PDF File


22. The Evidence of Justin Winsor Author of " A History of the Town of Duxbury Massachusetts" 1849.




Download -  The Pilgrim town of Duxbury USA 1915. - PDF File



Download -  The history of the town of Duxbury USA 1849. - PDF File



Video Clip -  The Pilgrim town of Duxbury USA 2011.



23.  Sir Rowland Standish Knight and the Holy relic of St. Lawrence. 


24.  Was Myles Standish born upon the Manor of Chorley and within the Parish of Chorley in the year 1584?


25.  The old Parish Church of St. Lawrence Chorley Lancashire England.

A photographic record from the year 1905 by Luke Berry.




The Church of St Laurence Chorley Lancashire UK

Mayflower History. - Caleb Johnson.

The Plymouth Colony - USA.

General Society of Mayflower Descendants .

The Pilgrims and Plymouth Colony in 1620.

The Duxbury Rural and Historical Society USA.


The Town of Duxbury  Massachusetts USA.

Chorley Lancashire England.

Chorley Library.

Chorley Historical and Archaeological Society.

95.9 WATD-FM RADIO Duxbury USA.  


Lancashire County Council.

Lancashire Link List - Places to Visit.

Wigan Archive.

Wigan World.

Lancashire Family History & Heraldry Society.