Sept 2015

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St. Wilfrid's Church and the Lords and Manors of the Parish.




The Lords and Manors of the Ancient Parish of Standish.


1. St. Wilfrid's Church and The Manors of Standish and Langtree.

2.The Manor of Duxbury.

The Manor of Duxbury Part 1.  

The Manor of Duxbury Part 2.  

3. The Manors of Chisnall and Coppull.  the Haydock family of Coppull and the USA.

4. The Manor of Worthington.

5. The Manor of Shevington.  the Prescott and White families of Shevington and the USA.

6. The Manor of Welch Whittle.

7. The Manor of Anderton. the Anderton and Cunliffe families.

8. The Manor of  Adlington.

9. The Manor of Heath Charnock.

10. The Manor Charnock Richard.

The Charnock Family: from the  Manor of Charnock Richard to Charnock City India. Job Charnock and the Hindu Princess.